Living on the most eastern of the San Juan archipelago islands, Fidalgo island, the variety of trip & training paddle routes from here are endless. While strong currents do exist in nearly every channel surrounding our island shores, learning how to use these currents to travel in the back eddies, the mid-channel-river-like 'green tongue', along with harnessing the strength of the winds (with kayak sails), is what paddling the San Juans is all about to us... Efficiency. Speed. Using what Nature offers to help us achieve our paddling (distance travelling & racing speed) goals. Which sometimes mandates a combination of styles & skills from river and sea kayaking mixed in with occasional surfing and sailing. Adreline rushes. Personal Speed Records. Risk-taking. Innovation. ~Paddle the Islands and let Nature Inspire.~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

La Ruta de Conquistadores

Trading training ultra miles with a paddle back to pedals in recent years refueled a fire within Jim to step up the self-challenging, epic endurance adventure levels a notch through testing himself in new and unusual ways- like racing across foreign countries through extreme conditions!  So in October of 2013 we flew to Costa Rica for the race experience of a lifetime! La Ruta de Conquistadores, dubbed one of the toughest races on earth.

 Read about it here in the Anacortes American
Cyclist follows path of conquistadores in 3-day Costa Rican endurance race - goanacortes: Sports

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Friday, September 13, 2013

Capitol Forest Classic 2013's BEST Pre-Race Meeting EVER!!

Capitol Forest Classic 2013's BEST Pre-Race Meeting EVER!! from Island Paddlers on Vimeo.

Early one Sunday morning an unsuspecting singletracking crowd gathered deep in the woods for the mandatory pre race Super D meeting start of Day 2.... when Race MC Lee Peterson surprised us all with what will go down in history as the MOST EPIC PRE-RACE *RAP* EVER!!:)
~Cheers to Lee and all our friends who make the trails, make the stoke, make the races and make us all Friends of Capitol Forest.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cold River Fleece Skirt is a MUST HAVE!

 I don't often do product reviews but after the first time trying out this new cold water wardrobe addition I'm in love!! I picked up a Cold River Fleece skirt a few months ago, handmade by Kate, the girlfriend of one of my Stevens Pass coworkers and a professional river-guide herself.  
I finally remembered to throw it into my dry bag last weekend when setting out on an island day paddle. 
Even on a gorgeous 70 degree summer day here in the Pacific Northwest hypothermia can still be a threat when playing on/near our frigid waters.
Especially since our marine and weather conditions can change frequently, as they did on this outing where we encountered strong funneling winds in some channels plus unexpected rains, factors that when combined can chill body core temperatures quickly the longer the exposure.
Every time we got out of the boat I slipped this thick fleece layer on over my wet neoprene paddling shorts and *WALA!* I didn't start going into my usual quick shivers when wet in wind.
For all you fellow adventure-seeking ladies, I can't rave enough about the warmth to weight and packability factor of this cute skirt for sprucing up any outdoor adventure!  Whether it be a paddle, pedal, hike, climb, camp, or even for lounging around the house on a rest day in leggings, pick up a Cold Water Fleece Skirt and stay functionally fashionably warm!